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Sombra para os Olhos Duplas Metálicas

.04 oz.

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Copper & Pyrite (Brilhante)

  • Brilhante
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Impressione com um olhar irresistível, com um brilho metálico com estas duplas de cores que se complementam.

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Limited-Edition Mary Kay® Foil Eye Shadow Duo

Get the best of both worlds – intense pigment and a foil finish – in these eye shadow duos. Dial up the brightness on your look thanks to pearls that enhance these metallic shades to lustrous levels. Two striking pairs deliver dazzling, yet sophisticated looks that can be worn in endless ways. Features special ingredients known to increase wear from day to play.

Available while supplies last

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight formula
  • Comfortable, cream-like feel
  • Full-on foil finish